Push Activate

an ahead in the clouds production

Rule from the heart not the EGO

The art of living is love

Every now and again something happens that defines a change in society and gives humans via technology, the opportunity to connect , share and expand their consciousness.

Push Activate is an organization designing a platform to unify the like minded, positive and conscious souls left on the planet that woud like to activate a shift in themseves to start and then grow into a communtiy
We like to think we have the biggest dream in the world, to save the future of humanity and harmonize our life on Pachamama, Mother Earth

It is time to do things that activate good karma, like educating our children about peace, universal love and eating healthy.

 You have the choice to do less damage to yourself and our planet, actively help and support spiritual comunication. There are so many ways to live with kindness.

Slowly applying a conscious way of living there will be a change in frequencies which will slowly raise the love all living things feel, healing most with time.

Pushactivate believes that there is a formula to creating a harmonious way of life that we can actually be proud to be a part of.  

Everything starts with you! 

Pushactivate can grow from a community where peolpe with good ideas and constructive opinions can work in unison to raise awarness and start the process of creating an organisation free of profit greed but rather focused on profit power.

Currenty we need help raising capital to launch this organisation, "Think Tank" , so pushactivate if you believe .


Free Energy

Why do we pay for water and not allowed to collect energy from the sun, who decided that they coud sell what has been given to us for free

Puro Passione

Without passion and the will to love uncondicionaly we will not survive, and Im not talking about the rich folks

A lo Loco

Go wild and have fun because the moment is all we really have and anything can happen anytime. Love your life.

Education awareness

Chidren are the future of humanity, so lets teach them new ways of thinking and even feeling

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We always need help. Namasté

Push Activate - pushactivate@gmail.com

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain