awaken the true love within

manifesting a better tomorrow 

What is PushActivate?

Inspiration and Creativity

 The Universe works in mysterious ways, the love we wish to share starts with something simple. Our quotes hope to be original, simple and help manifest our inspiration to build a better Society, starting with ourselves...   Our work is done on the moment and as present and mindful as possible.

We hope to finally launch our very exciting and completly unique T-shirt collection this September, we are praying for financial help to arrive. May the Inspiration grow and connect us all.

Our Future is Love and Education

We know that Education is the key to our future and all children hold that key we give them. 

The Love we teach our children will be with them forever, therefore we deserve to be free of pressure when teaching what many have just started to understand.

 Love WILL heal the world once we accept and understand Love´s full potential and power, then begin to teach, use it correctly and finally break the chains that are holding us back as a Society.


Meditation has the power to set us free....

Please teach your children to meditate before they turn 8 years old so that they will have the spiritual guidance and energy needed to unite us and  heal this world.

Meditation and Yoga


This beautiful planet we are blessed to live on has finally reached the point where all of our positive energy and love that we are capable of sharing or transmitting to her,  Pachamama, is desperately needed.

It is now or never that we unite our light, love and energy, take the time to meditate and return the huge amount of energy we have taken, back to mother earth. 


True love does heal so start  meditating, practising yoga,  or just connecting with nature, 

Become present, 

feel the Universal love surrounding you which will help to raise your frequency.


Our honest and genuine objective is to help, to spread true love and heal the Earth. 

Our foundation  promises to be a force to trust and create positive results. 

The wealth of the world needs to be redistibuted into the hands of the honest, spiritual, non-greedy and eventually even the  poor,

our company aims to provide that. 

Join The Movement

The faster we expand, unite our forces and realize our true potential the sooner we create positive Karma. The future depends on the choices we make now... Years of travel, experiences , stories and encounters, the connecting of purpose and True Love.


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The Future Belongs to us